Our company accepts the competition between companies as a race of providing services.In this race, to give the best quality service,each workers that expert in their subjects combine their sectoral experiences with new software technologies and provide the leader products in the sector.The workers of our company are obedient with each other,the ones who see the competitions as pleasure,cheerful and loyal persons to their jobs.Among with the reflecting this peaceful and exciting working place to clients and business partners,providing faster and better jobs are our goal.


Portakal Software established at 2006, in Ankara.In a very short time,has accepted itself in software sector and by the first part of 2008,it had almost 50 applications in hospitals and health care centers. In next years,this number reached till to 100.

The project of Portakal Software controlled and accepted to Hacettepe Teknokent as available for technological supporting conditions in 2008.

The Projects called as Ormed and Ormedula that our company has;  is a hostipal E.R.P system that always gets developed toward to clients’ requests and the one developed with best technologies according to new regulations and needs.

Hospitals that have the project which developed with HL7 standarts; can do patient sign-up,accounting,finance,staff,stock,document tracking,and etc. without need to other softwares.

And directly integrated to many establishments such as with Tc-Kimlik Service to Mernis System,with Medula to Social Security Headquarter,with USVS to Health Ministry.

Then,added many softwares such as Orlab Lab Automation,Termoweb Heat Tracking System,Pacs Automation,Payroll Application, Supplementary Payment Application,Duty Tracking Automation,Funeral Tracking Automation to its software portfolio.

Those projects developed on the native Portakal Framework that is being used for other projects.The Project has developed as multilayer,thanks to this feature,the dependency of database got  removed.Thus,Application can be used with databases such as MS-SQL,My-SQL,Postgre SQL,DB2,Oracle.

Because of the trouble in sector in 2014,after Portakal Software stopped development softwares for hospitals and health sector,it started working more than before on web-based projects.Some kind of web-based projects are  like this; BAP Automation,Offer Automation,Student Affairs Automation, Thinking Organizations Automation,Warehouse Automation, Logistics CRM Program,Land Transport Software.In this way,every day,new native projects for theirself and private projects for clients are getting developed.

Our Mission

We are producing desktop and web-based solutions to big and company.Our programs; use the latest  legislations get added with updates in programs just in time. 

Our Vision

We goal providing the newest technologies to clients as cheap as possible with following information technologies closely. Our first goal is developing easy-usable softwares that need less support and softwares that reduce the clients faults as minimum as possible.

Our Values

  • Client Oriented; Because, for understanding clients,to predict their needs and in this way,for providing the best service,we get like as a client and trying to think like them.
  • Solution Oriented; Because, we serve services with “how can we help” logic instead of “we can’t do”.We listen the person that opposite of us and making efforts for how to serve their needs and requests faster.
  • Simple; Because we are being careful to be understandable and simple in our all jobs.We prefer affecting clients with accurations and quality of our job instead of shows.
  • Reliable; Because we know relationships that both side gained and its long-time, will be from confidence.Thanks to our strong fund and workings that opened to the world consideration,we are working for being a brand that always make clients and and business partners gain and making them cheerful.
  • Innovator; Because we are working to give the best service to clients with our distinguished products and services.We follow the changing world,products and needs and improve ourselves.
  • We care the teamwork; Because, we don't need race in our company for having the success, we think that we need to care working together.We are making efforts to have the best harmony with teammates.
  • Perfectionist; Because,to be enjoyed, we believe that firstly we should like our products before than anyone.For that,we focus on everyjobs with an amateur soul and we try to predict clients’ needs and comforts.