Coslat Firewall
It is a firewall system that regulates your internet access and records it in accordance with 5651 law. hosting features such as Packet filtering, Proxy Server, URL Filtering, VPN as UTM solutions at different scales. The indispensability of internet usage, security against virtual attacks that may come over the internet, as well as the transfer of workflows to the virtual environment have brought the data security to the forefront. In-house internet usage and indispensability have caused users to spend time on the Internet not only for work,also for personal and entertainment purposes,and hade reduced business performance. In addition to protecting you from external attacks with Coslat Security solutions,with the help of url filtering and proxy features, we limit the usage of the internet by user and group and minimize the loss of time your employees spend on the Internet.

 Technical Features of the Product:
Logs both static and dynamic IP Traffic.Keeps log signed with Electronic Time Stamp in accordance with the law numbered 5651.Can keep logs at multiple points at the same time.It is a Server solution which is offered as firewall + log solution in small and medium sized networks.Firewall can be used as VPN Server and Log Server.It fulfills the requirements of Law No. 5651.
Syslog Feature
Coslat Log Server has central logging feature by using syslog which is the Mirror log transmission standard. Receive logs from devices capable of log recording in Syslog standard and store them according to certain criteria,and can do signaturing according to 5651 law. It can be installed on Windows-based clients or servers and it can be used as a service and all logs can be transported and signed by syslog.
DHCP, IIS, Mail, System events etc.
Coslat Firewall Product Features:

  • Create an interface-specific User and Group-based rule
  • Turkish Web interface
  • Able to keep signed records with Electronic Time Stamp in accordance with the Law of 5651
  • Create user and group based restrictions
  • Configurability as Routing, Nat and Bridge
  • bility to record url, ftp contents and mail header information,
  • Providing homogeneous internet usage of internet users with bandwidth limitation
  • Configurability as VPN Server
  • Overwrite records and forwarding to other locations such as file server, ftp server
  • Ability to prevent recording losses in disk failures by writing recordings to more than one disk at the same time,
  • Automatic backup over the network according to Schedule
  • High security thanks to Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
  • Blocking access to known malicious and objectionable websites among with a constantly updated blacklist
  • Ability to use the domain user name and password for login to the Internet by configuring as a Proxy Server
  • Configure as DHCP server and DHCP Agent
  • With SysLog Server feature, it is able to sign and store the records it receives from other software and hardware.
  • Configure manual or automatic NAT options
  • Ability to define multiple IPs on a single interface with virtual IP
  • IP MAC mapping to prevent ip rules violations
  • Ability to create automatically changing rules with time definitions
  • Configure as DHCP server
  • Ability to define rules according to target address or source IP address in the context of protocol
  • Define different network gateways according to source IP and destination IP or source port and destination port
  • Able to make a package review with status information
  • Interface based PPPoE definition
  • Block P2P applications (Application-based blocking)
  • Define dynamic routing support and manual routing (Static and Dynamic routing)
  • Define bandwidth based on port or IP
  • Ability to manage multiple network gateways
  • Ability to group multiple network gateways with failover or load balancing
  • Rule-based log keeping
  • Ability to create IP or port groups
  • Define protocol-specific bandwidth
  • High security thanks to Intrusion Detection and Prevention system
  • Create interface groups and define rules for multiple interfaces
  • SNMP support
  • Site to Site IPsec VPN support provides secure connection between branches
  • Client to Site PPTP VPN support allows external users to connect securely to the internal company
  • Create rules that change according to specified conditions
  • Intrusion detection with IDS / IPS module.
  • Transparent proxy server to work on users without proxy definition
  • Ability to disable target or source IP server in transparent mode
  • Ability to set file download and upload restrictions
  • Ability to define extensions in file constraints (such as cd patterns, mutlimedia files)
  • Ability to set permissions based on user name with local authentication
  • Ability to define permissions by user name with Domain (Active Directory) Authentication
  • Ability to block MSN by IP address
  • Ability to block applications such as Ultrasurf, Teamviewer and Logmein
  • Routing to different gateways based on IP
  • URL Filtering to block desired web pages
  • Create URL Filtering rules based on user or group
  • Ability to filter between desired times by defining time in URL Filtering
  • Category based URL filtering
  • Constantly updated blacklist.
  • Ability to add new categories to existing categories
  • Redirection of the desired page to another page with Address Redirection
  • Block all user-based or group-based traffic and allow only specific web pages