Ankara University Turkish Teaching Center Managable Web Page project was launched. Within the scope of the project, editors with different jurisdictions can enter content according to their authority, and thanks to the hierarchical approval mechanism, content entered by editors and branches is published after approval by managers. Since the editing backups of each content are stored in the archive, the content can be easily returned to the desired date. With its infrastructure that designed with unlimited language support, the desired language can be added instantly. With the automation struc . . . More
31 / 07 / 2019
Google has been using "Meta Keywords", one of the most important meta tag tags, to index sites.  This tag has started to be filled irrelevant to the page subject and content in order to increase the Google rankings of the pages. Due to the unnecessary use of these tags, Google has changed its criteria, gradually lowered its ratings on the Meta Keywords tag in its algorithms, and has been ignoring this criterion for some time.In some cases, even the keywords tag can be counted as spam content. Therefore, we recommend that you use the Meta Keywords tag with as few words as possib . . . More
06 / 08 / 2019
WannaCrypt3r 2.0 (WannaCry) Virus WannaCrypt3r 2.0, which is the latest version of the ransom viruses that make a name for us in Turkey with CyriptoLocker virus, is also called WannaCry; it is spreading along using an old vulnerability of the Windows operating system, which was patched in March. If you do not regularly update Windows, or if you are using an older version of the Windows operating system; both your computer and other computers on your network may be in a big danger. What is Ransom Virus? ransom viruses encrypt files stored on devices such as computers, smartphones or tablets, a . . . More
30 / 07 / 2019