Seo Services

SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization, is the most prestigious and high-yielding way to crawl our website on the Google bots of Internet advertising, to make it the top rankings, to create a marketing strategy and to do this. 

SEO; SEO is divided into two in-site and off-site . 

SEO is the art of reaching web popularity, using natural methods where sites cannot reach their own possibilities. What we call Web popularity brings Google ranking growth. 


Corporate Identity Service

Corporate identity is the name given to the visible face of an organization in the marketing sector. With corporate identity, companies can express themselves more easily . In order to bring corporate identity to the forefront, many factors need to be prepared in the best way from logo to office design, employees' appearance, tools, signage and website. Corporate identity is an invariant whole of companies. In order to keep it in mind, companies do not want to change their corporate identity in general. However, corporate identities need to develop and keep up with the times. 


Training and Consultancy Services

The success of the project in software and system installations; also depends on the quality and continuity of the service provided. That's why we offer software and system consultancy services to your company in project management. We aim to ensure that the system works fully efficiently by maintaining the care we have taken in the software production process during installation and customization. 

We ensure full success at the end of the project by planning consultancy and supervision steps within the project, ensuring that our customers work with due diligence with on-site trainings and practices. 


Software Services

Custom Software Development 

Our software development service is provided to our customers in three ways; 

Changes and additions to the content of Portakal Software applications used by our customers. 

Developing applications integrated with other in-house applications being used. 

Development of new applications tailored to the needs of enterprises. 


Information Technology Services

  •  On-site Technical Service 
  •  Periodic Maintenance, Emergency Calls 
  •  Remote Support 
  •  Consultancy 
  •  Backup 
  •  CryptoLocker Virus and Derivatives



Camera and Security Systems

Closed Circuit Camera Control Systems can be planned according to the need and size of the monitoring area. Collective living areas, crowded centers and risky areas where inspection and surveillance are required, production line inspections, areas with cash flow, sectors that require customer satisfaction, private residences also provide the opportunity to connect to such areas from inside and around. Our systems are used to provide security and control with alarm monitoring and video recording, online monitoring.